The Third Sphere Podcast-Episode 2-Command and PreCon

The Third Sphere Podcast- Episode 2 – Command and Pre Con.

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Third Sphere Podcast.  Tyler and Coach have pulled out all of the stops for this Episode.

THE FORGE: In preparation for Adepticon, the guys have been painting and hobbying like madmen.  Getting their Warpath armies and Deadzone factions ready to wreak havoc at the con.

CALLING IN RESERVES: This a new segment in the Podcast.  When the guys call in reserves, they will have a special guest on the show.  In this segment, they are joined by none other than Jack and Rob from Deadzone the Podcast. They get together and go over their plans are for Adepticon.  Tangents galore in this segment.

Check out Deadzone the Podcast, for all Deadzone Goodness:

COMBAT PROTOCOLS: In this segment, Tyler and Coach go over one of the most important mechanics of Warpath/Firefight. Issuing Orders and Command. This segment is very in depth, the guys revel how to

  • Roll for orders
  • How to use the Command Dice
  • How do you determine how many Command Dice do you get
  • A breakdown of all Orders

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